About AJcore

Ningbo AJcore Biosciences Inc. was established in 2017, located in Ningbo National High-tech Industrial Development Zone. In 2021, it was selected as a “National High-Tech Company”. Ningbo AJcore focuses on the research & development, manufacture, sales and technical services in the molecular diagnostics.


Led by a former research fellow in Harvard Medical School、 a senior scientist in the LifeTech Company, Ningbo AJcore has developed an ultra-fast molecular diagnosis platform which integrates the multiple technologies including room temperature sample preservation, rapid nucleic acid extraction and POCT, which dramatically simplifies the traditional diagnostic techniques, and transfers the cumbersome procedures into seamless ones.


Taking the global cutting-edge sample preservation technology and the industry-leading molecular diagnosis technology as the core, Ningbo AJcore has been conducting in-depth research collaboration with nation-wide universities, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies in China. The company has provided a series of reliable and high-quality products for the industry and research partners in the fields of medical diagnosis, biosafety, food safety and life sciences.


The company always upholds to the spirit of innovation, and is committed to technological breakthroughs to create products with first-class quality.


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Stabilization Tubes

Plasma cfRNA Collection&Stablization Tube

Plasma cfDNA Collection&Stabilization Tube

Sputum Collection&Stabilization Tube

Saliva Collection&Stabilization Tube

Urine Sample Collection&Stabilization Tube(fluid/tablet)

Cell/Tissue /Swab Sample Collection Tube

Stool Sample Collection&Stabilization Tube

Stabilization Tubes

Extraction Kits

Plasmid DNA Extraction & Purification Kit

Plant Genomic DNA Extraction & Purification Kit

Saliva Genomic DNA Extraction & Purification Kit

Sputum Genomic DNA Extraction & Purification Kit

FFPE Genomic DNA Extraction & Purification Kit

Gel DNA Extraction & Purification Kit

Urine Genomic DNA Extraction & Purification Kit

Dried Blood Genomic DNA Extraction & Purification Kit

Stool Genomic DNA Extraction & Purification Kit

Tissue Genomic DNA Extraction & Purification Kit

Swab / Cell Genomic DNA Extraction & Purification Kit

PCR Product Extraction & Purification Kit

Extraction Kits

Automation Equiments

AJ-Q9600 Multichannel Fluorescence Quantitative PCR Instrument

Automatic Fecal Sample PretreatmentT And DNA Extraction Workstation

Automatic Fecal Sample Pretreatment And DNA Extraction Workstation

AJPET 96A Automated Liguid Dispensing System

AJPET 96S Automated Liguid Dispensing System

AJealer-H Full-Automatic Heat Sealing Instrument

AJSealer-S Multifunctional automatic Microplate Film Sealing Instrument

Automation Equiments


Octuple PCR Tube

96-well PCR Board

Puncturable Adhesive Aluminum Film

Heat Sealing Film

High-transparent Fluorescent Quantitative PCR Pressure-sensitive Film